Palm Spring’s Top Appliance Repair Company | All Valley Appliance

Top Appliance Repair Company

Over the course of our more than 50 years serving the Calabasas areas needs for appliance repair, we’ve come to learn the value of honest and fair customer service. All Valley Appliance is Palm Springs leading appliance Repair Company. We service all major brand name appliances and also sell individual parts as well as new… Read more »

Calabasas Premiere Appliance Repair Company | All Valley Appliance

All Valley Appliance is Calabasas leading appliance repair Company in the appliance repair industry. Our well trained and highly skilled appliance repair technicians have been putting smiles on the faces of Calabasas residents since 1963, that almost 55 years! Licensed and insured, our expert appliance repair technicians all have years of individual experience repairing all… Read more »

Canoga Park’s Premiere AC Repair Company | All Valley Appliance

All Valley Appliance is Canoga Park’s best AC Repair Company, our thoroughly trained and experienced AC repair technicians have been putting smiles on the faces of Canoga Park residents since the early 1960s, that’s 50 years! We are Licensed and insured, the expert AC repair technicians at our AC Repair Company all have years of… Read more »

Certified Kitchen Aid Repair Company

Top Appliance Repair Company

Appliances tend to make our daily lives, run smoothly and efficiently. This appliances aid us in cooking, cleaning and making live comfortable without the worry of anything going wrong or not being the way you wanted it to be.  We always feel like we are drawn backward if one of our appliances breaks down or… Read more »

Whirpool Appliance Repair Company


Whirlpool is a company which started by a life insurance salesman called Lou Upton. Lou Upton put all his money to start up a business that was to make household appliances in 1908. Unfortunately the business failed, though, Lou Upton was given a chance to take anything that he wished from the falling business, since… Read more »

Hire a License Appliance Repair Company

Top Appliance Repair Company

In today’s world, appliances have become an important tool that a majority of us cannot do without. Unfortunately, these devices tend not to function properly after some time or seize to function completely. What do you do when this happens? You obviously need to search for a Licensed Appliance Repair Company. Nonetheless, finding the right… Read more »

Appliance repair service under Insurance Warranty

Do you need to repair an appliance that is still under an insurance warranty? If yes, then here is what you need to know. As a marketing strategy, several if not all manufacturers will have their products covered by a warranty for a given period of use. The majority of appliances have one year or… Read more »

Professional Appliance repair

What is the professional standing of the technician repairing your appliance? Have you ever thought of this aspect when determining the firm to repair your appliance? Well, based on statistics, the majority of persons who seek repair services choose the technician based on affordability and the safety of their appliance. While safety is an element… Read more »